Concord vs. Springport

Snow coming week comes to an end, finishing with a basketball game.


Rylee Sinden

The boys JV and Varsity team played Springport on Friday. Both teams played well and beat Springport. The varsity team ended with a score of 68-33. 

Graeley Sprague was the top offensive player of the night, scoring 22 points for the team. Mekhi Wingfield followed close behind, scoring 18 points. Omarion Culliver added 10 points for the team. While Anthony Evans put up 4 points for the team. Lewie Fritz, Jonathan Mikovits, and Alex Grundeman each contributed 3 points. Both Tyler Carpenter and Carter Arbuckle added 2 points for the team. Jordan Medellin played great defense and played for both JV and Varsity.


Senior Jonathan Mikovits explains what the team did well on: “I think the team did well on defense. It is the staple of our team and what we try to excel at game after game.” Mikovits adds that he thinks that he did well “…playing our defense, not turning the ball over, and taking an open shot.”Although both JV and Varsity won, there is always room for improvement. “The team needs to improve on taking care of the ball and limiting our turnovers,” Mikovits adds.

Sophomore Carter Arbuckle plays on both JV and Varsity. On both teams there is a mixture of grades, adding depth to the team. This also adds a wide variety of skills from every player. Arbuckle explains that the way they beat Springport was “we ran our plays and helped on defense.” He adds that although the team did well, “[they] need to work on moving the ball around more.” 

Come watch the boys play at Airport High School on February 16th, starting at 5:30. Come support them and cheer on the team!