Who will win?

Each class has been competing all week to place first during snow-coming week.

Rylee Sinden, Staff Writer

Snow coming is such an exciting part of the year. Basketball games, dance, school spirit are all things that people get excited about during the week, but one thing stands tall and is a huge factor in snow coming; Class Competition! Students of Concord get competitive when it comes to class points. They earn points by dressing up, lunchtime games, competitions, etc. 

Snow coming starts off strong on Monday with a lunchtime game. The game was a three-point contest between all four classes. Seniors came out on top, with Graeley Sprague and Hadley Kettwich competing for their class. The juniors placed second followed by freshman and then sophomores. By the end of the day, the standings are in. On Monday, seniors took first place. Tied for second place are the juniors and sophomores, and in last are the freshman.

On Tuesday, classes continue competing. In first place, is still the seniors. Freshmen make a comeback and place second. Sophomores take third, and juniors take fourth. The freshman made a comeback by competing and winning the lunchtime game. 

Wednesday is a busy day. NHS ran a blood drive during the day. Juniors claimed first during the lunchtime game, changing the end of the day standings. In first were the seniors. Taking second are the sophomores. The sophomores are followed by the juniors, and then the freshman. 

Thursday doesn’t disappoint. The lunchtime game was a mini volleyball tournament. The seniors took first place during the lunchtime game. The week is coming close to an end and each class is still working hard to steal first. In first place were the seniors. Following behind the seniors are the sophomores, freshmen, and last but not least juniors. Even though seniors are in first now, anything can happen on Friday. 

All week, each class worked hard on their banners. Each banner had to be based on a Netflix show. The freshman chose “Tiger King”, Sophomores chose “Outer Banks”, Juniors picked “Criminal Minds”, and lastly, Seniors selected “Stranger Things”. Taking first for the banners was the Sophomores with their Outer Banks themed banner. Taking second was the freshman with their Tiger King banner, followed by the Juniors and then the Seniors.

By Friday, the whole school is antsy with anticipation for the dance and game. Who will win class competition? 

Results are in for the final standings. In fourth are the freshmen . In third was the Junior class. The moment we’ve been waiting for all week. Who will claim the first-place spot? In first place are the Seniors and following behind in second are the Sophomores

This week was fun for the students. The competition was crazy, and this week was filled with games and excitement.