The snow life

Omarion Culliver, Staff Writer

Concord High School recently had three snow days in a row last week due to getting a ton of snow Tuesday and Wednesday night. Here is a zoom in on some people lives during those three days off.

Isaac Waldron said when he found out it was a snow day, he was thrilled; and after he found out, he went back to sleep. He also gamed and did homework during the three days off. Isaac said, “I loved the snow days because they allowed me to finish all my work and relax.”

Not everyone spent their time the same. Autumn Cornell said she worked and did homework during these three days. Autumn said when she found out it was a snow day on the first day she was more than excited.

After seeing what some of the students experiences was like, it’s time to see how one of our beloved teachers spent their three days. Mrs. Colangelo said when she heard it was a snow day, she stayed in bed. After she did that, she hung out with her fur babies. Mrs. Colangelo also had to work during these three day she said, “On one of the days I graded my life away.”

It seems like the these three days has benefited everyone in some type of way, whether you took the time to relax or work. It is awesome that we had three snow days in a row as this doesn’t happen too often.