What is study skills?

Alonzo Hopkins, Staff Writer

Study Skills is one of the classes within the school. It’s mainly used as a place for students who are in a need of help or kids who have diverse learning needs, along with growing certain skills that can help them in the future.

Mrs. Mattson one of the teachers for study skills explains that “Study Skills is a place to help support students with diverse learning needs.  The course is designed in two parts: one- to support students in learning for their content classes, and two- to use accommodations, advocating skills, improve organization, work on transition, etc.”

Study Skills class helps kids by giving them extra time and a quiet place to work for those in need.

Student Mariell Bommarito, who is in Study Skills class, gave a brief description of the class: “It’s really quiet and you can focus in the class.”

If the student has a question about a specific class, they can always go to get help from the Study Skills teacher. The teachers within study skills are understanding and kind to the students who have issues with the subject.

Mr. Wilson another Study Skills teacher shares, “I think in general the school is pretty accepting of the Study Skills class because while I only have a certain number of students that are in study skills, I’ll have students that know that I have study skills like second hour and fifth hour and… they can just come down.”

Study skills class is a place where students with diverse learning needs can get help and for others who can find a quiet place to work. It is a place where teachers are kind, helpful, and respectful to students’ specific needs.