Playstation 5: highly sought after but impossible to find


The hard to find PlayStation 5.

Omarion Culliver, Staff Writer

The game that changed the market in November 2020. Yes, that’s right: the Playstation 5. Playstation 5 is a historically powerful gaming console that allows gamers to play in 4k resolution, has faster load times, and can even run old games from the Playstation 4.

Since the Playstation 5 is in such high demand scalpers have cleaned up the market and jacked up the price. No matter where one looks online, a Playstation 5 cannot be found for under $700.00,  even at Walmart, Ebay, and Facebook. This console has sold for well over $1000.00 before. The retail price of these consoles is $500.00 if one can find this price at the store whenever or wherever they are in stock. Sony says they plan to make more consoles in 2022 so that the shortage problem could be solved and no retailer could jack up the prices anymore.

 Isaac Waldron says it took him over a year to find a Playstation 5, but he also says, “The graphics are much better, the adaptive controller is awesome, and the PlayStation 5 is a stronger console for games.” 

Isaac wasn’t the only one struggling to find a PlayStation; Anthony Evans said it took him a year and a half to find one, and he won his in a raffle. Anthony said, “ The Playstation 5 is much better than the PlayStation 4 because the controller is bigger,  the Playstation 5 runs  better frames per second, and it doesn’t sound like a jet engine.”    

It’s sad that people have bought the Playstation 5 out of stock just to resell it for twice the profit. People should be able to buy the game system at a reasonable price. For right now people have to pay anywhere from $800-$1000 and anywhere under that is a scam. Hopefully, Sony will make the Playstation 5 more available in the future so everyone can enjoy the epic gaming experience.