Spotlight: Zachary Cesco


Junior Zach Cesco shows off his uniform.

Savanah Church, Staff Writer

There are students in our school whose accomplishments are overlooked. One of these students is the junior Zachary Cesco. He is hardworking, is currently going to the Career Center for fire services, and plans on making a long-term career out of it. The training for becoming a firefighter can be difficult, so it is really amazing that he is determined enough to continue this path.

His decision to become a firefighter wasn’t a hard one for him to make. Both of his grandfathers, two of his uncles, and his older brother are also firefighters, which means he grew up in a family of determined heroes, so he wanted to “follow in their footsteps.” His future plans to become a firefighter are inspiring to hear about, and there is no doubt that he will be great at his job.

He is working at the Pulaski Fire Department right now, and at this moment he does a lot of the paperwork for the calls, which includes the details of every fire and medical call that they get. He “can’t wait to get certified after graduation.”

When asked, Alonzo Hopkins said, ” He is kind and helps people in a constructive way.” He has noticed, after being his friend for so long, that he “is chill, quiet, and does his own thing, not getting involved in any drama.” When he is not working hard he likes to spend his time “playing video games on his Xbox, and watching YouTube.” He is easy-going, and we are lucky to have someone with so much drive, dedication, and honorability at this school.