Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Saucedo


Emma Curry, Staff Writer

Both respectful and helpful, he’s known as our amazing Spanish teacher Mr. Saucedo. He has been teaching at Concord for almost four months now and has been a teacher for a total of 18 years. For five of those years, he taught as a professor at a small college in Wisconsin. Before teaching, Mr. Saucedo worked for the government by locating children’s parents and reuniting them back together. 

Mr. Saucedo has two kids, a son, and a daughter. I asked him what he does in his free time, he said, “I like to play with Legos with my son.” He also added that he “loves spending time with family and he likes staying mentally and physically fit.” He enjoys playing the guitar, the piano, and other instruments. Mr. Saucedo has also played basketball and even traveled overseas to play in Greece.

Mr. Saucedo’s main hobby is music. I’ve heard him sing and play guitar. He truly is amazing at both singing and playing his instruments. When walking through the halls at lunch, students can sometimes hear him playing his guitar and singing.

When teaching he’s always very focused on his work and helping others who need it or look like they need it. Sophomore Kaitlyn Inman said, “When I need help he’s always there to give me a hand.”

Aidan Grandy said0 “Mr. Saucedo is the best thing to happen to Concord” What makes him a better person is that he’s not always serious. He makes the work fun and entertaining and it makes students look forward to his class and miss it when they don’t have his class anymore.

Sophomore Zoe Schultz said, “He’s funny and very kind.”

If you haven’t met Mr. Saucedo, you should. He is smart, funny, respectful, and very caring for others around him. Students can learn one new thing every day just by having a conversation with him.