Keeping up with the trends

Savanna Gamet, Staff Writer

       January is the time to wrap up the trends of 2021 and say hello to the trends of 2022.  The ending trends of 2021 really focus on more streetwear gender-neutral options, which will most definitely be continuing into the new year.  Being a school in a small midwestern town, trends are typically delayed and often not being worn until the seasons are almost over. 

Y2k trends made a big appearance in 2021 which included: mini skirts, baby tees, clogs, ugg boots, colorful chunky necklaces/rings, corsets, tiny cardigans/jackets, layered camis, and low waisted jeans. Very traditional y2k hairstyles like tiny braids, bubble braids, money pieces, ash or buttery blonde hair, the classic claw clip, double buns, sleek hairstyles, and headbands have also been shown a fair aspect of this year. Spring/summer trends of 2021 really focused on achieving that “y2k school girl preppy look”. Pleated skirts, blazers, sweater vests, and collared shirts were everywhere.  Ending the summer, 1970s boho fashion showed a slight appearance making flare pants, go-go boots, colorful statement pieces/monochromatic, and vintage floral patterns were popular but with a hint of modern fashion. We are starting to actually see the true 1970s trends as they are hitting stores this year and are forecasted to blow up everywhere. Before 2021 was wrapped up, fall and winter fashion was spring and summer’s opposite twin sister. Gender-neutral streetwear grew and Leather, shackets, blazers, puffer jackets/vests, chunky boots, ball caps, and “a model off duty look” made a tremendous appearance. Uggs are once again making a comeback especially if they are mini and the colorful chunky necklaces and rings are still around and here to stay, except being replaced with gold to make them a bit subtle and neutralized. Sophomore Riley Adams describes “my Doc Marten boots are not only vegan but they are easy to style.” As seen in the picture, she styles them with cropped-warm-toned-plaid wide-leg-trousers to match the stitching on the sole of the boots.

Riley Adams’ Doc Marten outfit

With winter kicking off, we were all shocked to see the ideal blondes dying their hair brunette.  Gigi Hadid and Hailey Bieber had a head start on the trend and it is now very common.  Sophomore Briley Howell explains that “dying my hair brown has been one of the best decisions; it’s very flattering on me.”

The most popular trend at Concord High School has been shackets; they are everywhere and will probably be seen until late winter 2022. What is a shacket? A shacket is a crossover between a shirt and a jacket. It’s usually a little oversized and looks like a shirt, but made from a heavier material. This is most convenient because it’s more flattering than a jacket but still keeps you warm.  Mrs. O loves that “shackets are super warm, they come in tons of colors, and they are more dressy than a sweater.”

To say goodbye to the trends of 2021, I have made a poll including some 0f the most popular trends and I would like to know. What was your favorite?


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