Women’s Drive


Caylin Bell

Paityn shows the donations that were collected last week during the drive.

Caylin Bell, Staff Writer

Periods. Not the type of period you use in your essay for English; this is the monthly scourge many would rather not experience.  Thankfully, legislation in our state and action by one of our senior leadership students is easing the burden and raising awareness of the expensive costs associated with feminine hygiene products.  

Within the past couple of months, Governor Gretchen Whitmer passed a new law banning all taxes against feminine hygiene products in the state of Michigan.  This tampon tax coupled with rising prices on feminine hygiene products has caused an economic disparity. This problem has existed for years. The higher the prices are on these products the harder it is for females to purchase these necessary items. Women’s hygiene products are taxed but a typical organization such as golf clubs, country clubs, sports clubs, college fraternities, sororities, etc, does not get taxed

Senior Paityn DeForest had the brilliant idea to start a fundraiser for women that ensured there was always a pad, tampon, or anything else a female might need throughout the day. Deforest put up posters for this event to make sure everyone at school knew that she was taking donations to put in the girls’ bathrooms throughout the school.  Deforest said, “I started this drive because products should always be available to women who need them especially at places like school.” The outcome of this drive and Paityn’s thoughtfulness have been appreciated by many students.  This is a need that many may not discuss, but it is apparent in our building. Even with the fundraiser being over, you can still donate any feminine products such as pads, tampons, panty liners, etc. that you can drop off at the office.