What is it like for an exchange student at CHS?


Georgia Weeks , Staff Writer

Learning and experiencing new things is what life is about. That is why some people choose to be a part of the foreign student exchange program. They are able to continue their education while still learning to expand their comfort zone. 

This year, Concord High School has an exchange student, Laura Holm, who has come all the way from Denmark. She’s been with us for about two months now, and she’s adjusting to life here pretty well. When asked what her favorite part about America was so far, she responded with, “What I love is all the new experiences I get every day. How much I have learned English. And everyone here is super talkative and interested to learn about where I came from.” She also mentioned that she started playing basketball for the first time, and she loves it. She said, “My teammates and coaches are super supportive, and they make me feel comfortable trying new things.” As you can see, she is doing as much as she can to venture outside of her comfort zone and expand her experiences.

Going to high school in America means you get to participate in many exciting things like Homecoming and Snowcoming, pep assemblies, sports teams, and most importantly prom. Going to prom is something that Laura is really looking forward to and is super excited to experience. Prom in America is super extra and according to the movies she’s seen, “it looks super fun.”

Living in Michigan is very different from living in Denmark. According to Laura, they don’t really drive places; instead, they depend on public transportation and walk to get to where they need to be. “I’m not used to always having to depend on other people to get me places,” says Holm.

Being a part of this program is something Laura recommends to everyone. “It’s a very nice experience, and you learn a lot from it.” If you’ve ever thought about wanting to live in a new country, look into the student exchange program.