How has Covid affected our school structure?


Savanah Church

Seniors Lauren Gray, Cadence Easterwood, and Maddy Connelly surviving tempory mask mandate.

Savanah Church, Staff Writer

We all know that Covid has had a detrimental effect on a lot of students and even teachers these past few school years, but do we really know how much it has changed our school?

The end of the semester was last Friday. It caused a lot of stress on students who had no choice but to stay home, while students who have been in school have a mask mandate until this Friday. The teachers in our school have been holding zoom meetings with those students and are trying their best to work with the students who are struggling. Online learning doesn’t always work for every student, sometimes adding to the already stressful exam week.

Karlee Gamet was out with Covid for a little over a week, which put her far behind, and she was “still trying to catch up before the end of the semester.”  Having to work online damaged her motivation to continue doing school work. “After being so far behind it was hard for me to want to catch up.” She prefers working in school, though she agrees that “in some cases, online learning can be useful for students and teachers.”

Mrs. Otto would like all students who are at home to know that “they still have opportunities to complete the semester as planned” and wants to push those students who are out to try and stay motivated. “Stick to a time frame that is similar to school. Keep a clean workstation, and try to figure out a way that you learn best.” She is very proud of the students and teachers because they are “working hard to give their best to the school.” New challenges can be extremely stressful, but she wants everyone to know that it is possible to overcome those obstacles. This long learning process has shown “how adaptable we can be.” 

We are all proud of every single student who has tried their best to overcome difficult situations, and we hope that you aren’t stressing too much!