Senior Spotlight: Lauren Gray


Omarion Culliver, Staff Writer

Today our senior spotlight shines on the amazing Lauren Gray. Lauren is one of the kindest people you’ll ever meet. Lauren can often be found organizing activities for the student council, mentoring other students, and striving to do her best in each one of her classes.  

As she reflects on her high school career, Lauren shares some accomplishments that she is really proud of, including how she works very hard to keep her grades up and how she has become more self-confident over the years. Her love of nature has inspired her to attend Michigan Technological University in the Upper Peninsula to pursue a degree in Environmental Engineering.

Lauren shares that what she will miss most after she graduates is ¨ all the people, all my teachers, and all my friends even people who I haven’t gotten super close with, but I still have a relationship with.¨  Lauren said some of her favorite memories are being on student council and doing the pep assembly. Like most seniors, Lauren recognizes that high school years pass quickly and offers some advice for underclassmen to just enjoy high school. 

Many seniors would agree that Lauren’s personality makes her extremely likable and respected.  One of Lauren’s classmates, Tyler Carpenter, describes her in three words: ¨Lauren is smart, calm, but also energetic.¨ 

Senior and Student Council President Rylee Weeks says this about Lauren: “Lauren is super sweet and down to earth;  she is very aware of social and environmental problems, and it’s important to her to make the earth a better place. She is the kindest person you would ever meet!”  

It’s not just the students that would agree that Lauren is an extremely likable person but also the teachers. Laurens outstanding behavior has caught the eye of English teacher Mrs.Osterhout and she describes Lauren as a person who ¨ is caring, thoughtful, and just an overall good person.¨

We would like to thank Lauren for being the wonderful, kind, and thoughtful person that she is each day at CHS and wish her luck in her future endeavors.