Christmas comes to town


Caylin Bell, Staff Writer

Wednesday night the junior class held a Polar Express event for K-4. This event included magic reindeer food, crafts, hot chocolate, sugar cone Christmas trees, And last but not least the most iconic Christmas movie The Polar Express. 

Junior Aubrey Peterson said, “I think it went really well. We had a lot of kids show up, and they all seemed to enjoy the activities we had planned. We had a good set of volunteers to help us, and everything went as smoothly as it could for little kids. At the end, we had some time for games so it was fun to play with the kids…like we were little again. I had a good time, and I really enjoyed it! It was also a big step into helping our class with raising prom funds.”

The junior class made name tags that included a bell and a ticket for each of the K-4 students to get a hole punched after they had completed the station. Once the students finished all of the stations they took their crafts, their snack, and their hot chocolate and went to sit down and enjoy the movie. After the movie was finished, the junior helpers that volunteered to help with this fabulous event played many games, with the K-4 students. All in all the junior class made a grand total of $385 in donations thanks to the wonderful Concord parents who wanted their children to enjoy some Christmas spirit. The junior class would love to give a very big thank you to Mrs. Clark for helping us with this event.