Varsity girls basketball kicks their season off with a win


Georgia Weeks, Staff Writer

Tuesday night the girls’ basketball teams, JV and Varsity had their first games of the year. They played Hanover Horton High School at home. These girls have been in the gym almost every day for the past two weeks practicing hard for their game. 

JV girls fought hard the whole time but did not pull out the win. Savannah Payne and Lauren Trader ran hard for their team; as point guards, they stepped up and took control of the ball. The JV managed to keep their heads held high.

The Varsity players worked their butts off, kicking their season off with a win, 50-46. The game was close, with Concord managing to stay in the lead the entire time. Freshman Hannah Stimer and Iyla Weeks played very well for it being their first high school game on varsity. Stimer handled the ball very well and never let the pressure of the score shake her. Senior Jamiya Rogers and sophomore Maria Stevens were the high scorers of the game. Rogers contributed 17 points and Stevens added 15 more. Overall the girls played to their potential, and we can’t wait to see them grow throughout the season. 

Rogers on defense