Senior Spotlight: Jacob Cook


Jacob Cook proudly wears his JROTC uniform.

Alonzo Hopkins, Staff Writer

Who is Jacob Cook? Jacob Cook is a senior student, football player, big brother, and soon to be a member of the military. 

Jacob Cook has been a student at Concord since sophomore year; he’s a hard worker who cares a great deal about sports. Cook has also joined the JROTC program to become part of the military. Student Jacob shares, “when I was little my dad was in the military, growing up seeing all that stuff just gave me passion for all of that. Because of him I decided to be in the military and help our great country too.” After high school, he’s going to be joining the Marine Corps.

How has Jacob adjusted to Concord High School? Well, Jacob transferred to high school his sophomore year. The first thing he did when he came to school was join the football team and started to get to know the people within the school. Jacob admittedly had a bumpy start in his first year of high school, but has learned from his earlier mistakes. He explains the struggle of “lots of trouble, getting bad grades, kicked out and then it clicked back in and I started getting my work done.”  The changes he made have paid off. 

Mr. Clark sees the growth in Cook over the last few years and compliments his maturity: “I think it’s awesome to see how he’s growing up into a man. He’s a great kid and has some struggles here and there just like we all do. He’s grown up a lot and is gonna be a pretty productive awesome adult when he’s done with this place.” Over time, Cook started to warm up to the school and became a hard worker and as well as a great player in football. He has also won awards in football for the coaches award because he embodies everything a coach hopes for in a student-athlete.  

 Jacob is also very kind to the people around him. He also strives to be a role model for his younger brother by “finishing school and spending time with family.”  

Mrs. Matteson, one of Jacob’s teachers, shares that “Jacob has grown immensely in the past year.  He is focused on working hard to earn credits for graduation. He branched out and attended JACC this year where he is a part of the JROTC.” So in his final years, he’s becoming a dedicated student and will become an excellent adult in the future.

As a whole, Jacob has grown throughout the school as a student and most of all a person. He has worked hard to get where he is and learned some wisdom while doing so. Jacob says, “Stay humble and always love the person next to you ’cause you never know when you’re going to lose them.”