Wrestling Preview


Emma Curry

Wrestlers circle up during practice

Emma Curry, Staff Writer

Wrestling became a sport in the year 1888 and has taken the world by storm ever since.  Here at Concord, wrestling has a strong history. 

Edwin Maus is the Concord wrestling coach and has been for 20 years. Edwin Maus retired from the Army after 23 years and now “looks forward to these kids being better people” and wants to help “build their leadership and discipline.

Senior Calvin Allen joined wrestling 3 years ago and is the first in his family to wrestle. He explains how wrestling “is tough” and that it “takes a lot”. When it comes down to it,  he “likes to overachieve” on the mat and appreciates the competition that wrestling provides.  

Another avid wrestler, junior Phillip Horrell joined wrestling around five years ago because of “personal interest”.  He believes that wrestling helps him in “other aspects in life” and “improve” in other tasks. He also mentioned that his dad used to wrestle back in high school, so he continued on with the family tradition and joined wrestling.

If you would like to watch the boys wrestle, their first meet is on December 11th and is at home.