And the winner is… pie!

Madisyn Barrett, Staff Writer

Waking up, leaves are turning and slowly falling a sweet smell is in the air, that one smell can make anyone jolt awake “PIE!”  The Concord Chronicle had taken a poll to see what the people’s favorite Thanksgiving foods were and the winner with a vote of 44% is the traditional Thanksgiving dessert, pie.  

There are dozens of different flavors of pie.  Although everyone has different tastes in pies, everyone can agree that just the aroma of pie can get anyone excited. The golden flakey crust protects the sweet gooey cinnamon apple filling, or the sweet and flavorful pumpkin and brown sugar being blended to make the sweet aroma of pumpkin pie. Even the smell of sweet caramel and salty pecans crafted together makes the perfect balance of a sweet and salty ratio for pecan pie. However, Thanksgiving is not just about the pie. 

Thanksgiving is a time where people express what they are truly thankful for. It is not just about being grateful for the feast but to be thankful for life in general. 

A couple of students expressed their most treasured thoughts about Thanksgiving.

Sophomore Tanith Walker says her favorite thing about Thanksgiving is the food. While senior Jamiya Rogers loves hearing what everyone is thankful for.  Some of us didn’t have big family celebrations last year, so students like Kaitlyn Inman enjoy gathering together with her friends and family that she hasn’t seen in a while.  Another sophomore Riley Adams brings up catching up with people she has not seen in a while and watching the National Dog Show and Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade.  While some people enjoy watching football with their families, Lions fans don’t have much to be grateful for this year. 

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and that delicious pie will be waiting. But before taking that first bite, remember to say “thank you”.