PLTW Biomedical Science course begins at CHS

Rylee Sinden, Staff Writer

Are you interested in pursuing a career in the medical field?  Would you like to learn more about how the human body functions?  If so, then Project Lead The Way might be a good fit for you.  

PLTW Biomedical Science is a new class here at Concord High School. Mrs. Fiero says, “this course is about the physiology of the human body”.  She adds that this class is not only new but fun to teach. Her future plans for this class are to “add a more interactive component” like the current unit they are working on.  Mrs. Fiero explains that, “We are currently doing an activity called bone detectives. In this activity, they ‘discover’ a set of human remain and need to determine age, race and sex. Next week they will get missing person cards to see which missing person their set of remains matches best with. Then we will use DNA from the victims to match them to the missing people.”  This allows students a higher level of engagement and definitely an experience that is fun and competitive. 

Junior Layla Hellard, one of Fiero’s students, wants to pursue a career as a neurosurgeon.  “This is a good class for me because this is something I want to do in the future.”  Layla explains that this class is really helping her with her plans for the future as a neurosurgeon.  She says that she is really enjoying this class so far and it is interesting.  

When considering your courses next year, don’t forget about this exciting new science offering, especially if you have an interest in the medical field.