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Mrs.Fiero’s Environmental Science class

Environmental Science class increases awareness

The CHS Environmental Science, taught by Mrs. Brianne Fiero,  class mainly focuses on environmental issues by promoting proper research into these issues and the contributing factors to them.

 Liliana McCabe expresses “In this class, we learn about the earth and how the different plants, animals, and the earth itself all work together. This is a self-paced, project-based class where students can research the aspects they are interested in. Mrs. Fiero has high expectations but it helps you learn and retain the information. I highly recommend this class if you want to learn about our planet.” 

One of the many topics that are talked about in the class is climate change. Although it is not the only thing that is talked about in the class, it does reappear in each unit that takes place in the class. 

Mrs.Fiero lets the students explore and have freedom when it comes to the projects; guidelines are given and the expectations are clearly communicated before the students pick out their topic for their projects in the class. Alyssa Lebron says, ” Environmental protection and economic development are not in conflict.”  Alyssa recently presented a successful project on hurricanes to an elementary school classroom. 

Mrs.Fiero explains.  ¨The class has a lot more units in it than it used to, but I like to do the projects because they can focus on specific topics that they are more interested in. I have one group that wanted to focus on the pyramids and their energy and how they tapped into the natural energy of the earth and how [Nikola Tesla used to do the same thing used to capture the natural energy flow of the earth.  He was able to make  Tesla coils based on that flow where there was no electricity applied, but he was able to generate that electricity.  I like that component where they can choose something that is interesting to them. I end up learning more about it because they bring a lot to me that I haven’t heard of before.¨

With Earth Day right around the corner take a look around and try to pick up any trash laying around to help the Earth heal. 

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