Senior Spotlight: Lewis Fritz


Julia Stevens, Staff Writer

This week we are shining our senior spotlight on Lewis Fritz. He has grown both as a person and an athlete while being at Concord, and that is why we are honored to be writing about him.

Fritz started at Concord when he was in kindergarten. Throughout his time here at CHS,  he has gathered many memories. When asked what his favorite one was, Fritz responded: “He-man volleyball because it was a whole school event. Everyone was there and your team got the spotlight.” He also adds that lunchtime and the activities where everyone comes together are a favorite of his. 

Fritz has also participated in many sports while at Concord. His favorite sport he has picked up is baseball. He says,” Baseball is my favorite because of how you play the game. When you are on the field you play as a team, but in the batter’s box it is about you.” 

After high school, Fritz plans to attend Albion College or Lake Michigan College. If he attends Albion College, he wants to get his business and management degree. If Fritz attends his other option, Lake Michigan College, he will attend to play baseball.

Fritz’s younger sister, Danielle Fritz, would describe him with three words: “Confident, hardworking, and cocky at times.”  When she thinks back to their childhood, her favorite memory with him is “playing baseball or playing soccer together.” When he leaves for college the thing Danielle is going to miss the most is Lewis driving her around. Danielle has one thing she wants her brother to know, “I hope [you] stay close for college, so I can bother [you].”

Fritz’s younger brother, Nathan Fritz shares his favorite memory with Lewis: “When I hit him with a rock at Lake Superior.” His favorite thing to do with Lewis is play basketball or toss the baseball back and forth. Nathan would describe Lewis as, “Smart, athletic, funny, and short.”

Marcus Gill has been Fritz’s basketball coach for all four years of his career. When asked what his favorite memory of Fritz was he responded with, “My favorite memory of Lewie is when he scored 26 pts in a JV game at Quincy. I knew he would be able to help us and be in our playing rotation after that.” He explains that he likes Fritz’s “fun-filled personality”. He says, “He is funny and fun and we all love him for who he is.”

Masen Smith and Fritz have been friends for a while now. Smith says, “He is a cool guy and always looking out for me.” Smith shares that his favorite memory with Fritz is when he took him and some other friends to a Michigan State game.

Fritz’s free time has one constant: his mom. He says, “I like to go to the baseball cages and hit with my mom. I just like to be with her, even going grocery shopping with her is fun.” When Fritz was asked who his idol is, he responded, “Definitely my mom, I’ve looked up to her since I was a little kid. She got me into sports and told me to pick up baseball.” 

Fritz has a piece of advice for incoming freshmen: “Don’t take anything for granted. You may think you have a lot of time in four years, but it goes by quickly.”

We would like to thank Lewis for everything he has done for Concord. We wish you the best of luck in your future!