Welcome Freshmen!

Class of 2026 starts their high school adventure.

Caylin Bell, Staff Writer

Freshman year allows a new beginning for the Class of 2026.  The start of high school is all about setting the pace for their entire high school career. It’s about getting off on the right foot with all the teachers and making sure all assessments are completed to perfection. The 9th grade is the most important year besides senior year. 

Coming into high school, some students have all of these expectations and questions going through their heads. But all the worries that have built up should wash away, because being a freshman isn’t all so bad, especially when they have amazing teachers to ease their anxiety.  Freshman Bella Coppernoll said, “I was really looking forward to the teachers this year. I heard they are fun teachers.” Coppernoll mentioned that she was nervous on the first day of school due to it being a new building and new people. She feels this school year is going to be eventful. 

Freshman year is also about leaving a mark on the high school, just as Freshman Tylend Allen said, “High school is portrayed as many different things- I’m excited to make it my own and enjoy my four years.” Allen plans to make his mark in high school with the help of teachers, family, and friends. There is no doubt that it will happen. 

For some freshmen like Macy Sinden, starting high school isn’t intimidating when older siblings are there or when they’ve joined a team or an organization.  Sinden said, “I am looking forward to high school and all of the opportunities that come with it.”  Sinden is playing JV volleyball and is looking forward to running track and possibly running for a student government position.

The students and teachers at CHS are all excited to see these students start the year off with goals in mind and success on the horizon.  English teacher Ms. Kelly commends the 9th-grade students on their level of engagement so far this year.  “These students have been such a joy so far.  They’re coming to class prepared to learn and are taking each day seriously, striving to do their best.  I’m really excited to see what they accomplish this year.”  

Math teacher Ms.Fields feels the same way about the freshman this year, “This year I feel like the freshmen are resilient. They have already shown their strengths in coming to class prepared, ready to learn, and adapt to challenging situations. I feel this group of freshmen will excel throughout their next four years at Concord.” 

This year’s freshman holds near and dear to one of the staff members at the high school, Mrs.Otto. “It is exciting with a touch of bittersweet.  This freshmen class means a great deal to me personally.  They are the last class I taught before transferring over to the high school as the counselor.  I am honored to have had the opportunity to help them transition into middle school and extremely proud to see the amount of growth they made as we all welcome them as high school students.”  

Spanish teacher Mr.Saucedo shares that “Thus far, I am moderately satisfied with the work ethic and classroom dynamic that the freshmen have brought into my classroom. As the semester progresses, I’m looking forward to putting them into the “Overly Satisfied” category.” Mr. Saucedo also included this statement:  ”Educar la mente sin educar el corazón no es educación en absoluto”, which translates to “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.”  

We hope that the Class of 2026 spends the next four years building themselves to be the best that they can be while leaving a mark on Concord High School that will last a lifetime.