Concord’s track success

Tylend Allen heads to New York for track nationals.


Rylee Sinden, Staff Writer

Small school, big opportunities. Our school really lives up to this, and that is why this week we shine our student spotlight on eighth-grader, Tylend Allen. Allen has recently been invited to run a track meet in New York. 

On March 11th, Tylend will be heading to New York City for Nike indoor nationals. He says “I am very excited a little nervous, but very excited.” Allen is only in 8th grade and has only been running for two years. He has already had so much success with track. Imagine how much he will have in the future! When asked “do you plan on continuing track throughout high school and college?” He confidently responded, “Oh yes, 1000 percent.” Why wouldn’t he when he is only in middle school and has already had so much success? 

Without his coach Mr. Jurasek, he would have never discovered his love for track. He explains that he didn’t want run his first year, but Jur made him. Allen also wants to recognize Lindsey Lehman for being his outdoor coach. Tylend says that this was all made possible by his grandmother and his mom; both play a huge part in his life. 

Getting this opportunity wasn’t just a walk in the park. Tylend works in the off-season too. To get to nationals, Tylend said it involved “very very hard training. I ran three meets and then made it to states.” He also trains in the off-season by doing a lot of consecutive miles. “Hard work pays off,” Tylend explains. 

Since he is already going to New York, why not see what else the city has to offer? Allen explains that he and his mom are also going to Manhattan, taking a ferry to see the Statue of Liberty, going to the 9/11 memorial museum, and then going to Jersey to see an aquarium. 

Coach Jurasek collaborates on Allen’s success. “Tylend has worked extremely hard this winter. He went from being a good sprinter to a very good sprinter, now he needs to keep working to become an excellent sprinter.” Jur has many hopes for Tylend as he enters high school next year. 

Tylend is so excited to be getting this opportunity. He wants to leave everyone with this piece of advice, “stick with something even if you don’t like it because opportunities open up everywhere.” Wish Tylend luck as he competes for nationals.